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Frequently Asked Question

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:46 pm


Q.1 - Bakit retrieving sakin ang server while nakaka laro sila? 
A.1 - Your IP must had been Range ban, pm the higher admins for reason and try to ask for a chance.

Q.2 - Bakit mga admins nakaka lipad?
A.2 - We are allowed as long we used it for Admin Purposes, If you think we abuse it, feel free to post your admin Complaints.

Q.3 - I was wrongly jailed, ano gagawin ko?
A.3 - Admins are also team of human, we do make mistakes but try to talk to us nicely, if we don't accept your report or trashed it. Your reason is useless.

Q.4 - Why are we banned without us knowing the reason? 
A.4 - Try to post your ban appeal. Then wait for reply of either Higher admins . 

Q.5  - How to know kapag admin?
A.5 - Admins only have 1 name. Like :: Zepto , Pepeng , Deadmau5 , Lurker and much.

Q.6  - Mga admin pwede gumamit ng hacks, pwede rin kami?
A.6 - Admins are allowed to use hacks as long we don't abuse it. Ordinary players using such hacks will be banned. 

Q.7  - Bakit di inaaccept report namin? Kanina pa kami nag rereport.
A.7 - Admins are human, we also have our own priority, we have a choice to accept or decline reports. 

Q.8  - Bakit may level ang admins?
A.8 - Each level have their own power, the highest is 6 , lowest is 1. Level 1 admins are still being tested and can be removed.

Q.9  - What is RP? Bakit sinasabi nila RP kill?
A.9 - RP or Roleplay is a event/situation being related in real life in a mature way. 

Q.10  - What is DMing?
A.10 - DMing or DeathMatching is an act of killing people with out any valid reasons. Their objective is just to kill players, which is non rp.

Q.11  - What is DMer?
A.11 - DMer or DeathMatcher is the one who initiates death matching..

More to come.

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